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Chaaypani has been a work in progress since 1997. We take immense pride in how our food is simple, light and yet delectable. With a sublime balance in flavor and taste, subtlety has become the most powerful Chaaypani ingredient. Over time, as a team we try to make each day simple and convenient. Pick any Chaaypani item from our menu and it will reach you in a no-fuss single serve packaging that is extremely classy and hygienic. What’s More? All our products have been standardized.

So when can you order us? Right now, when you are on the move, when you have unexpected guests and nothing at home to serve them, when you have a party and have everything ready except the snacks and the desserts, when you just don’t want to cook, when you need a quick snack at work to make you focus better, when you have an event and don’t want to clean up during the after party and most of all when you hate sharing your food!!

We at Chaaypani believe that everyone should live to eat! Now, while eating is so much fun, we also believe it should be done responsibly and we can’t emphasize enough the need to be fit. To help our customers be aware of their choices we give a calorie count for each of our products on a per serving basis.

Eat Right | Indulge Healthy | Stay Fit