Hello Cravers!!


We’ve decided that a balanced diet is a Chaaypani Box in both hands!! (Maybe add a Cold Coffee, umm also the very yummy Chikoo Ice-Cream)

Haha that’s how food cravings work. The heart, oops the tummy wants what it wants. No amount of control will work after a point. Through Chaaypani, you can now ease into your cravings. How? Well, all Chaaypani products are single serve, hence saving you from binge eating every time you decide to (slightly) give in to your cravings.


Simple thing to do is refer and earn through the Chaaypani App so that a part of your bill gets discounted and you stop feeling guilty about something that is very natural. We will always give you a calorie count, and even if you do decided to indulge a little extra, head over to SkyFut (Rooftop, Orbit Mall, Civil Lines, Jaipur) and burn away in the most fun way ever!!


More Cravings To Everyone!!

*Sneeks away to gorge on a Burgerette*