Hello Folks!


There's a mid week excitement at Chaaypani! We have been looking forward to give all of you more convenience and happiness while ordering at Chaaypani. Give it up for the Chaaypani Combo Offers! An asnwer to "What should I eat?".


Starting this Saturday, we launch the "Offer Of The Day' segment, i.e, each day we'll surprise you with exciting deals and an assortment of Chaaypani's very best. You can order these combos online or from App (Available of the Google Play Store). 


You can have your order delivered to your house, at your work place, for when you are on the go or as your child's meal at school! It's still free delivery and no minimum order quantity. 


Pst! Did you know: Every time you order from Chaaypani, you can actually see the calories you'll consume. This feature is specially for the health conscious!


Indulge Responsibly,

Only @ Chaaypani