Whats Up Jaipur?!


Is it just us or did it actually get a little chillier in Jaipur?! We are exuberant about the winters finally setting in, because that means lots of lazy time. In all the hustle-bustle of the changing weather, mundane routine and hectic chores, sitting and gorging on the perfect cup of delicious ice-cream is the ideal stress buster!


For all those tense moments, Chaaypani brings to you four yummy flavours. Get the muddy Cheeku, soothing Banana, delightful Sitafal & sweet-sour Mango experiences home delivered. Our Ice-Creams are completely natural with no preservatives. Also you get the same volume of Ice-Cream even if the Ice-Cream melts and is refrozen, and it tastes better than the fruit itself!!


Packed is single-serve sealed cans, Chaaypani Ice-Creams are convenient and stylish to serve to guests, gift to clients, or simply indulge!


Happy Sweet Toothing!

Team Chaaypani


P.S : Try Chocolate Flakes on Banana Ice-Cream, Sprinkles with Mango, Sweet Tart Cups for Sitaphal and Cones for Cheeku Ice-Creams when you want a little adventure!