Hi! Hope today finds you as hungry as ever!


In our last post we spoke about indulgence and responsibility (of course, of your own body!). This week we’ll  delve a little further about how we’re encouraging more simplicity and less taste. Yes, we said taste. Puzzled? Well, anyone who eat out a lot will at some point realize, that typical commercial food is most often extremely flavoured. While, Butter-Cream and the Sugar-Salt balancing along with hoards of other factors make food very rich in taste, they also make way for some major health concerns.


In times when satiation has become more important than the food itself, we are constantly trying to break the stereotypes of outside food. At Chaaypani, we make food without using artificial flavouring, excessive flavouring or additives. Its light, and one can savor the various snacking options, not having to worry about heaviness later on. Our Beverages & Ice-Creams are not excessively sweetened, hence, the key ingredients come to the fore.


We hope our simple offerings have all of you reach out for more Out-Of-The-Hullabaloo.


All this and more delivered right at your doorstep in Jaipur!


Get Eating Already!

Team Chaaypani